TH2 Series.


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TH2 | 2TH2.
printer TH2 updated version comes with AEP technology that allows customers to customize the machine without the need to manually update the firmware of the printer SATO TH2 printer is ideal for receptions. Services business. And industrial retail , you can use the TH2 for inventory management, pricing and the sale, labeling, prepared food items, the labeled ingredients, labeling, small items, calculating sales tax. product, the order number. And identifying items.  too compact. And lightweight. The TH2 printer is a printer that can work independent and intelligent battery And commands that are available in the panel. The body against microbes. Also suitable for food preparation. Public health and environmental control, cleanliness, hygiene and prevention of contamination.

How to print.
thermal direct printing width. 02.02. Finger width of publication. 0.9 to 2.3 inches.

Speed ​​printing (up to):.
4 inches per second resolution. :. 203 dots per inch.

, 12 MB ​​Flash / SDRAM 8 megabytes.

  • Mark price. And reduced-price tag.
  • Labeled shelves.
  • Calculating sales tax. 
  • Printing POS (deli / bakery).
  • Sleeve cuff patients.
  • Ticket.
  • Receipt / ticket.
  • Labeling small items (such as cosmetics, jewelry).
  • Labeling food safety.
  • The labeled ingredients.
  • The numbering sequence.
  • Identifying characteristics of the item.
  • Stock control.
  • Labeled goods.
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