WS4 Series | World Standard Desktop Printer NEW



The WS4 Printer Series is designed to be easy-to-use with flexible media capability and enhanced connectivity. It is highly versatile and suitable for desktop label applications across various regional markets and vertical segments to maximise performance and return on investment.


      3 Color Status LED - WS4 has 3 color LED and 3 types of blink patterns to help operator easily identify printer status.

      Easy Maintenance  - With lesser internal parts and clear label path, users and load ribbons and labels easily. Users can also replace print head and platen roller effortlessly without any tools for the DT model and only minimal tools for the TT model

      Easy Firmware Download - With the availability of USB host interface, firmware updates are simple and fuss-free.

      Flexible Label and Ribbon Support - WS4 supports both 1” and 1.5” label core and 1” and 0.5” ribbon core. I-mark sensor is also horizontally adjustable.

      300m ribbon capacity - The TT model can hold a maximum of 300m ribbon thus reducing users’ total cost of ownership.

      Enhanced connectivity - WS4 provides numerous connectivity options including serial port (RS232C), LAN and USB. It also provides options to support WLAN and Bluetooth for convenient wireless interface via smart devices.

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      Inventory Management

      Specimen labelling

      Patient wristband printing

      Retail price labelling

      Security label printing

      Pallet & carton labelling




      Resources (Manuals, Quick Guide, Driver)

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